The different dolphin species found on Florida’s Space Coast.

The different dolphin species found on Florida’s Space Coast.

If you plan to visit the Space Coast, you will want to take in all the natural beauty, including the incredible marine life. One of the most exciting ways to experience the local wildlife is by booking a tour with Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours.

Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours features large, stable, fully covered 50-seat Pontoon Boats piloted by USCG Master Captains with a dedicated Naturalist on every tour to educate guests and identify wildlife. While out on tour you may run into several types of marine wildlife including dolphins. But did you know that the Space Coast is home to a few different types of dolphins?

  1. Common Dolphin - The common dolphin is a sleek and fast-swimming species seen swimming in large pods. They are identifiable by their distinctive hourglass-shaped markings on their sides and their long, narrow beaks. Common dolphins are known for their acrobatic displays, often leaping high out of the water, and spinning in mid-air.


  1. Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin - The most commonly spotted dolphin species on the Space Coast is the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. These playful and social creatures are known for their curious nature while jumping, flipping, and playing in the waves. They are typically gray with a lighter underside and can range in length from 6 to 12 feet.


  1. Atlantic Spotted Dolphin - As the name suggests, spotted dolphins are known for their unique spotted pattern, which becomes more pronounced as they mature. They are social creatures and swim in large groups, sometimes interacting with other dolphin species. Spotted dolphins are also known for their playful nature, often riding the bow waves of boats, and performing acrobatic jumps.


No matter which type of dolphin you encounter while on tour with Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours, you are sure to be amazed by their beauty and intelligence. Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours staff will use safe wildlife-watching practices to help ensure that the animals receive the respect they deserve.

Book a tour with Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours today to experience the wonder of the Space Coast for yourself. With multiple tours departing daily, there's always time to come in search of wildlife!

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